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About Božović, Đelić & Ivković
Our Law Office was founded back in 1976, when Messrs. Đorđe Čolović, Ljubomir Trifunović and Đorđe Božović joined their practices into one of the first partnerships of lawyers in former Yugoslavia. A number of lawyers were trained in this Office, and today they are some of the top judges, in house lawyers, and legal practitioners in former Yugoslavia. Today we maintain a very strong presence in Serbian and former Yugoslavian business environment, where we are especially active in all matters related to Company Law and Commercial Law. Our clients are well known domestic and interntional Construction and Engineering companies, Oil and gas traders, IT companies and software manufacturers, Broadcast, Media and Advertising companies, Investment Funds and Banks. We also have a wide range of private clients.
From the beginning of the privatization process in Serbia, back in 1990, we have advised a number of “pioneer” companies in their successful transformation from socially owned into private joint stock companies. Since 2001, when the new Privatization Law was passed, we have been acting as legal advisors to the Privatization Agency or to potential buyers in tender or auction sales of more than 50 socially or state owned companies throu- ghout the Republic of Serbia. We also advise a number of clients in their M & A operations in the region.   Our core values are there to guide us in the way we communicate with people and in the way we do our work. They apply to everyone in the firm, regardless of position. It is our responsibility and challenge to ensure that client’s needs are met as and when hey arise:

Our core values can be grouped under three headings
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