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Dragan R. Ivković
Attorney at Law email  
Practice Experience:
  Mr. Dragan Ivković is a legal expert with 15 years of practice. He specialises in Criminal Law, Company Law, Commercial law, Corporate governance issues, Administrative Law and Privatization.

During his legal practice, Mr. Ivković advised and represented a number of clients (legal entities and persons) from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Hercegovina, in various matters, especially handling clients in: real estate and commercial dealings and general litigation cases.

He took part in foreign direct investment as legal advisor and provided the full legal services to international investors in Republic of Srpska.

He is also legal adviser to one of the major construction and engineering company in Republic of Serbia as well as a number of clients in their M&A operations and trade finance dealing in the Republic of Serbia and FRY.
Property and Real estate issues:
  Mr. Dragan Ivković is an expert in advising clients in real estate metters and proprety issues, including: obteining all necesery licences and approval for constructions, preparation and verification of real estate documents, purchasing and other agreements drafting.
  From the beginning of privatization process in Republic of Serbia he has took active part in consulting both the Agency for Privatization and potential buyers. He was also legal adviser to legal entities in privatization process in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

During the last five years, Mr. Dragan Ivković advised the Privatization Agency of Serbia in auction sales and tender sales of more than 20 (twenty) socially owned companies. This includes six road construction companies across Serbia, three transportation companies, etc. As legal advisor for the buyers he represented buyers in more than ten tender sales of socially or state owned companies. Some of them include advising client in tender purchase of Wine Producing company, Bread and pastry producer, Agriculture company, Construction material company, Wood processing company, Dairy production company and many more. He also took part in legal advising in restructuring of two major Textile production companies in Serbia.
Membership in professional institutions:
  Serbian Bar Association
Professional experience:
  • Čolović, Trifunović & Božović Law Office – Trainee, 1990-1993.
  • Čolović, Trifunović & Božović Law Office – Attorney at Law, 1993-1995.
  • Ivković Law Office 1995 – 2000.
  • Božović, Đelić & Ivković Law Office – Partner, from 2000
      LL.B – Sarajevo University Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faculty of Law 1990.
      Serbian, English