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Aleksandar M. Đelić
Attorney at Law email  
Practice Experience:
  Mr. Aleksandar Đelić is a legal expert with 10 years of practice. He specializes in Company Law, Mergers & Acquisitions and Privatization, Corporate restructuring, as well as in Grant and Credit Arrangements, Surety arrangements, Construction insurance and reinsurance, Insurance-related claims handling and litigation and arbitration. He is legal advisor to a number of domestic corporate clients, international investors, and to a reputable broker dealer house in Belgrade. .
Privatization, Restructuring and M&A:
  Aleksandar took active part in privatization process in Serbia from the very beginning. From drafting the private sector development related regulation to his engagement as the lead negotiator for the first 2001/2002 privatization deals in Serbia for the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia.

During the last three years as the Attorney, Mr. Aleksadnar Đelić advised the Privatization Agency of Serbia in the number of tender and auction sales of socially owned companies. As a legal advisor for the buyers he represented buyers in more than twenty privatization deals. As the team member of the Law Office Božović, Đelić & Ivković, Mr. Đelić took part in the restructuring process as the legal advisors to the Privatization Agency.

Aleksandar Đelić advised a number of clients in their M & A operations in the Republic of Serbia including one of the largest M&A deals in Serbia in 2005. He is also providing legal advice to a number of clients in post acquisition phase, corporate governance issues, regulatory matters, etc.
Insurance, Reinsurance, Other:
  As the member of the legal team of Energoprojekt Group of Companies, Mr. Aleksandar Đelić has structured surety ship arrangements for large construction projects, drafted and negotiated reinsurance treaties with the world largest reinsurance companies. Today he is advising clients regarding insurance industry in Serbia.
Membership in professional institutions:
  Serbian Bar Association
Swiss Insurance Training Centre
Professional experience:
  Trifunović, Božović & Đelić Law Office, trainee, 1994 – 1995
District Court of Belgrade – judicial trainee, 1995 - 1997
Energoprojekt Garant Insurance and Reinsurance Company 1997 - 2001 Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia 2001 – 2002
Božović, Đelić & Ivković Law Office, Partner, from 2002
  LL.B – Belgade University, Faculty of Law 1994.
  Serbian, English, French